Holiday Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

It's a time of goodwill and cheer when we reunite with friends and family, people who we may have not seen in years. So of course, we all want to look as great as possible; not necessarily to impress our loved ones, but to let them know we are doing well and we are happy and healthy. To look great, you needn't spend hundreds of dollars at a professional stylist, you can get a wonderful look using affordable beauty products you might have on hand, like a flat iron or ceramic curling iron. Here we have compiled a list of beauty tips for this holiday season, using flat irons, ceramic curling irons and more.

GHD Flat Irons

Straighten the Hair for a Slender Look

Straightening your curly hair can make some women look younger. Plus, straight hair can often make a face look longer or more slender. Consider using a ceramic flat iron to straighten your hair. Even if its not curly, just a little wavy, making it straight will increase the length and possibly give your face a more slender look. It is hard to tell what is the best flat iron on the market, but a few are the HAI flat iron or GHD flat iron. Review their models and features, and see which one fits your lifestyle and budget.

HAI Flat Irons

Flip the Edges for a Younger Look

It seems that hairstyles change with the seasons, but one look that always remains popular is the straight-hair flip. These little flips and curls can give a bit of bounce to dry, boring hair, giving your hair a bit of youth and vitality. So, use a ceramic flat iron, like the HAI flat iron or GHD flat iron, and give a little curl to the tips of your hair. You may want to get a little trim first to get rid of any split ends. Check out some styling videos on the Web to get some tips and tricks for your specific hair style, or simply experiment by crimping the ends of your hair and seeing what happens! You might be surprised as to what you find.

Ceramic Curling Irons

Curl Thin Hair to Get a Full-Bodied Look

If your hair is thin or starting to lose its body, use a ceramic curling iron to give it volume. A ceramic curling iron, like the CHI curling iron, has a ceramic coating that allows for very high heat without damaging your hair. This means you can get more curls, more quickly, with less scorching of your hair. Consider curling just the bottoms of your hair if you have long locks, or give yourself a full head of curls if you have short hair. Again, experiment a few weeks before the big day, and see what looks you can come up with.

The bottom line is to get creative and take chances. By using a ceramic curling iron or flat iron, you can get very creative with your looks. Not only will you surprise yourself, but you'll surprise your friends, family and loved ones with a new, fascinating style.

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