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Tonight, I bumped into my stylist at Target and she complimented my hair-in particular how well moisturized it looked. Because I still don't know how to accept a compliment, I began to state that my hair was over three days old. I have been doing household projects all weekend and haven't styled my hair since Thursday. So in my mind, it was a royal mess. But when I took at look at it when I returned home, I realized that it still look amazingly well for third day hair. So I immediately took note of what I've been doing to it. Then I had an "Ah ha moment"- it was the moisture!

Did you know that adequate amounts of moisture will allow your hairstyle to last longer. I recently started re-using (word?) Miss Jessie's Buttercreme after taking a long break to sample other products. One thing I noticed while on hiatus from the Buttercreme that my styles did not last a long. It was harder to achieve second and third day hair, but now that my hair is properly moisturized, my curls are still popping. I am working on day four...and still counting. So if you're experiencing difficulty with getting styles to last...check your moisture level.
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YES! Miss Jessie's Buttercreme has allowed me to go as long as a whole week. As long as I put on a bonnet at night and put some buttercreme in during my finger styling in the morning. I usually don't even have to re-twist my hair at night.

very good tip! I just did a twist out on co-washed hair. I moistured it and sealed it, I've been using this cream and my twist outs last so long. But I didn't know moisture was the reason

The same thing happened to me recently! I cond. washed my hair with ORS Olive Oil Conditioner, then applied a homemade mix of shea butter and olive oil to my hair. I braided my damp hair into 4 braids, and the next morning took them out. I have been wearing that braidout for 3 days now, and the only thing I have done is tie my hair with a satin scarf at night and fluff in the morning...my hair still looks great!

This is VERY true! I am wearing two strand twists now and they started to look frizzy after day two. I don't like to moisturize them because that only creates more frizz, but because it was cold outside I went ahead. My hair isntantly looked soft, supple, and hydrated. It went from frizzy and dull, to defined with sheen. My twists never last more than a few days without looking 'old', but for the first time, they look refreshed at the end of the week. Moisture is truly the key!

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