Just In Time For Christmas...

Okay, I admit-I purchased this for a gift for someone else, but decided to keep it for myself. Selfish, but this book is definitely the new crack in my life. I am only 100 pages into the book and can't get my mind of it. Every free second that I get, I am opening it up to read a page or two. Sistah Souljah certainly appears to have delivered with this spin off character from the much acclaimed book, "Coldest Winter Ever". She takes you into the life of a young intelligent African guy (Midnight) growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn and thorough his journeys of protecting his family, establishing wealth and surviving. That's about as far as I've gotten. However, if you haven't got this book-please get it.
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I read this book and all I can say is-GET IT. I won't divulge any details but you be dissapointed. I will leave it at that.

Oh, this one is definitely on my list to get! Ever since "The Coldest Winter Ever", I've been fienin' for another glued-to-the-page-turner from Souljah.

Uh..you bought it as a gift but ending up keeping it! Hilarious!!


This book is great, i just finished reading it this week..

Ok, on the way to the bookstore now! Lmao

I thought that the book was good...I guess after coldest winter ever I was expecting great, nevertheless it's very well written and worth the read

~Stay Chic

I loved "The Coldest Winter Ever", I'm headed to the book store after work. My book club chose this book to read for our January mtg.

I can't read a book without imagining who would play the characters if the book was made into a movie. So I'm asking those who have read it thus far, who do you imagine being Midnight while reading?

As a young boy, it's hard but maybe Lance Gross, Idris Elba as he get's older-maybe. Nah, as much as I love Idris he may be too old, but Lance all the way...OMG...

Everytime I re-read The Coldest Winter Ever, I imagine Sean Patrick Thomas as Midnight. Although I did read in a magazine that The Coldest Winter Ever is supposed to be made into a movie in the near future, so who knows!

I had my reservations about this book in hte beginning but I think I just might have to pick it up.

PS- 'Midnight' could also be played by Derek Luke too guys!

I just finished it this week myself, I borrowed it from a friend and it just took me a while to actually open it up...BUT from page one to they END it was non stop! I really loved his view point and the novel opened my eyes quite a BIT! *Mad that it ended so..UGH!* I totally see Lance Gross as Midnight..YUMMY! Hope you ladies enjoy it like I did!

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