Photos of The Day: Curly Hair Don't Care

After reading the Misikko article (featured below), I was feeling like I was going to pull out the flat iron and straighten until no end. Then I clicked over to theybf and lookee-lookee. I see these FABULOUS photos of curly hair and now I am feeling all conflicted inside...darn.

Do you see this fantastic display of curls? This fab chics are part of a new group called Sweet Rush pictured with Teyana Taylor and Lloyd. I am loving the girl with the black hair-so it's official I am permanently dying my hair black this weekend.

And I had to throw little Jaden in there because he is hands down the king of kiddie

3 Responses:

black haircolor rocks. i love jadens hair but i know you have to wear the cornrows for awhile for the definition. sigh

That's what I'm talkin' about... Since I went natural, everyone is always asking when are you going to straighten your hair??? I don't even think about have straight hair anymore I love my curls. :)

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