So While Everyone's Going Straight

I am trying to hold on and stay away from the blow dryer and curling iron. I'll admit that it's hard but I've already noticed some unfavorable side effects from the few blow outs I've done. (1) Overall, my texture has changed. I have less shrinkage which I am not complaining too much about, but my curls don't form like they used to. (2) I am noticing straight ends -especially in the front of my head. I have to work extra hard to get these to form and blend in with the rest. *sigh*

Therefore, I am fighting the temptation to go straight. There are some textures that can easily transition back and forth without the heat damage but my texture is unable to safely do it. I have tried everything from products to lower heat settings-and I am still seeing side effects. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. So for now, I choose curly. *longer sigh*

And for now today...I have backed away from the flat iron.
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I'm so glad that you posted this article and the previous one on straight hair. This winter weather is really doing my curls a dry diservice and I'm now at a crossroads with my curls (lol). So I decided, while there's no humidity in the air, to go ahead and visit my favorite Dominican Salon and get a blow out this week. I'm not too worried about curl damage because I rarely get them done. And if I use a flat iron I use heat protectant and the lowest setting possible.

I so agree.. I am having the same problem getting some areas of my hair to revert back to that bouncy curl...
But I will stay away from the blow-out and love my curls till the end...

Ohh My gosh! I just straighten my hair and when I tried to go back to my curls, I noticed that my hair felt different, dry and my curls aren't forming like the usually do. This article came right on time! I have decided that I can't deal with the heat!

Sigh... I just asked my mom if she could straighten my hair for my graduation, and it made me sad to even think about my big hair suddenly straight again. But my hair won't fit in the cap. But I think if I use MS. Jessie's curling puddy after words I'll be okay, Plus I need to cut and trim my hair anyway. Yet it still makes me sad.

DAMN! I'm a guy, and I got my hair wich is curly (shoulder length) straigt for fashion show, and now my hair is not the same at all I tried everything deep condition for a entire day...of plastic cap and cantu leave in...and nothing, its just loose curls and bone strait is some places, i pulled it back in ponytail to go play ball and the straight pieces where just there, I think that I really messed it up and that i should just cut it all off into a ceasar, but my manager (music) says no...its my look but I feel like i'm sportin a bad there anything I can do?


Unfortunately, once the texture is ruined, it does not revert back. At least I never witnessed it. However, you can try to blend those pieces in your hair like I do. Or when all else fails, cutting may have to be considered.

The next time you straighten, try using the blow dryer alone. This can get your hair really straight but it doesn't seem to damage the curl pattern so easily, like flat ironing. Good Luck!

I am sorry. I use flat iron on my hair. Which really do take care my hair. I love to use it. Even my friends are using it. I did purchase from

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