Straightening 101

So while it's my decision to stay curly for now, there are many curlies who prefers to rock a straight look most of the time. My model is one, so I've prepared a tutorial on how to straightening hair.

This is a before shot after shampoo, EVOO treatment and detangled. As you can see she has some straighter ends-this believe it not comes from stretching hair into ponytails. This too can ruin your curl pattern.

Section hair into 4 sections.

Using round bush and ceramic blowdryer, I work through small sections from root to ends. Note: You don't have to hold the nozzle on the hair, but I choose to for this tutorial because I wanted to get it straight with the blowdryer.

As you can see, you can get your hair really straight with the blowdryer alone. This is what I used to do until I became hooked on the bone straight look.

Then straighten hair with a ceramic flat iron in small sections

This is the finished look. She wanted her tips curled...

Round brush
Duck Bill clip
Olive Oil Sheen Spray
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Thanks for the pictures. I certainly love the results. I usually get my hair straight but never get it bone straight. So it appears that the key is to flat iron very thin sections of the hair, right? That's the only difference I can tell. Usually, I flat iron larger sections, so that may be where I am going wrong. I will certainly try this over the holidays. Thanks girl, you definitely delivered with this one.

I will head back to Asia in a month or two and of course will invest in a great flat iron while still here in the U.S. In the summer I wear my hair curly and as soon as the humidity is gone I get regular blowouts. I've been getting my hair done at a great Dominican salon in my hometown but will opt this time to only get a roller set. I want to rock my big seventies style waves.

Great posts.


Great post. I must try this as a grow out my hair. Can you come over for a session ... LOL?

Wait...her hair is gorgeous. Where did you find that model. How long has she been natural?

That's my teenage neice...she's been natural all of her life and has never cut here hair except for trims.

I can't believe you used a round brush on her hair...I would be too scared to try that myself

Wonderful Tutorial! I do have a question! Now after you straighten do you ever have the hair become very frizzy, especially in the humid areas (I live in Houston so that happens alot)? I straighted with mainly a flat iron and after maybe an hr it was frizzy! How do I fight it??

Nice tutorial. Your niece has some beautiful hair. I love how thick and healthy it looks before the straightening.

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