Top Styles of 2008

As the new year approaches, I've been reflecting on the fly styles we covered in 2008. So I compiled the top 5 hairstyles that we covered on this blog. These styles were hot this year and I'm sure will definitely follow us into the new year and many years to come. But in '09, I will certainly be on the prowl for some fresh stuff-new styles, techniques and products. See you then...
5. Goddess Braid- This was a hot trend this year and was sported by the flyests celebs-Tracee Ross, MJB, Beyonce and Nia Long. I love this style, but must admit could not quote conquer it (shucks). Maybe in '09
4. Braid Out-This was an oldie but goodie. We learned different methods to the style-flat braids, large braids, wet sets, dry sets, etc. This is UC choice for transitioners and divas with shorter hair. This is definitely one that will stick around for a while.
3. Twist Out- Another oldie but goodie. There are so many varieties of this style, I can't begin to explain. This is UC choice for short to mid-length hair.
2. Thank goodness for Blowouts-Learning how to master the blowout has opened my world to so many possibilities. This style is a savior for someone who is craving that change we need every so often, but without the commitment of the relaxer.
1. Curly Fro-Was the number one style in '08 because it gave us curlies the opportunity to achieve that big curly look like Tracee Ross, Tanika Ray and others. This is my absolute signature style and one that I am still working to master. Nonetheless, one that will certainly be around for a long time.
6 Responses:

Oh Yea! The curly fro was the best style for 2008 and probably 2009. I wonder what new ideas are in store for next year.

Love braid/twist outs!

I love the twist out and goddess braid.

I luv this post! The goddess braid is nothing short of chic. I have to rock it to work tomorrow. Thanks!

Yeah, the Curlyfro was the jump off

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