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The last few weeks have been so jammed packed with projects and visits and stuff that I've literally have been dropping wherever I am at to go to sleep. My head is spinning because I am so busy. But most importantly, I have been working on my 2009 plan for UrbanCurlz. It's been one year since I rolled on to this blogging scene and thanks to my loyal readers, my blog is going in directions I never thought it would go. But hey, I am not complaining-I am thankful-to you.

Above is just one of the many new looks I am considering for the blog. What do you think? I haven't made any decisions, but so far this is one I like most. I think it captures the essence of what this blog is about-Curly Girls That Rock!

So I need your feedback in order to complete my 2009 plan. What features do you like most/least? What would you like to see more of? I know many are going to say pictures, but I got you on that...pictures are definitely in the works.

12 Responses:

very nice UC..I think it's hot!!

I absolutely love that look! I thought you were going to announce an Urbancurlz t-shirt. Hint hint. I love your hair how-to's. Keep doing what your doing. This is a great blog!

Oooh, it's hawt. Personally, I would like to see more styles with 4b hair. I would like to see more tutorials because I don't ever plan to walk into another salon. Oh, and I would like to see more features of real women.

I like it and I would definitley like to see some demonstration videos of your crisco applicationa nd other cute styles you do on your hair. Keep up the great work!!

I agree w/CeCe. Would love to see more 4b hair pics and tutorials. I also love the features of other naturals and their stories!

I like the new header, maybe make the title pop a bit more since the background is black.

I like the new look! I what like to see more styles for TWA 4a/4b, if there are any. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the information.

I like it, I like it!!! Best of luck to all of us bloggers in the new year- this is gonna be a big one, I can just feel it.

I think it looks great

i love the logo. it looks great.

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