Why Section Hair?

I did hair all weekend-my daughter, my nieces, and my own...pictures to follow. It was such a pleasure working with the different hair types 3a, 3b, 3c, 4, 4b. I even learned a new trick or two. As I worked through each head, I explained the importance of working with sections. So I thought it would be good topic today. The above illustration is how I section (no, it's not me).

Why Section?
Simply, the purpose of sectioning it for control. Sectioning allows you to easily and evenly maneuver through my entire head. Most importantly it allows you to easily work with the back of your hair. I wash in sections, condition and style in sections. It is also important to section when cutting or applying a chemical process such as coloring or relaxers.

There is no one way to section the hair. You don't necessarily have to section in 4 parts. This where I usually start, then sometimes I subsection the hair into smaller parts or just do two sections.
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