BScott Gets Glammed Up

Bscott takes us along on his trip to Dex New York to get glammed up. The video is hot and I love the tips from B's hair stylist, Scott. He tips that curly hair does not have to be washed very often because the less you wash, the better. He also say that hair can hold tempatures of more that 450 degrees when flat ironing...did not know that, but won't try it. But that's good to know. What do you think about B's look?
5 Responses:

I'm over here rollin. In the one song he's saying b hold my ponytail. LMAO.

LOL...I know that song is too funny. I actually started grooving to it and wishing I had a ponytail to flaunt. The first thing that came to my mind was Beyonce's "Single Ladies" performance when she held up her ponytail at the end. I think she was inspired by Bscott to do that because he vlogged about it on one of his videos. Too funny!

I don't agree with the stylist too much. I was cringing when he was sliding that flat iron up against the frain of the hair. Bscott is majorly fabulous though... wish I had half his... I dunno what the word is... pizzazz?

LOL @ The song....
I can't get it out my head now.

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