Chris Rock Investigates Good Hair ***Updated


This sounds like it is going to be very interesting and I am glad someone like Chris Rock has brought attention to this topic. I can't wait for the laughs-- and the truth. Love it!

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Wow, I hope it comes on TV it sounds interesting, especially coming from a comedian.

Hey UrbanCurlz,

I read an article where Chris talked about doing this doc. Looks interesting. I'm looking forward to this.

Shadra, I'm going to post this on my blog, too (my other blog). I just posted on this topic as related to my son.

i'm interested. his daughters would probably feel better if they were surrounded by adult women who have and love their fros. unfortunately, it's difficult for daddy to convince a girl that her hair is beautiful if mommy and most black women celebrities on TV have straight hair. i'm not a mother but i've witnessed the impact of this on the young girls in my family. two young cousins (7 and 5) want "down hair." their moms (one relaxed and in braids, the other natural and in braids) explained to them that different people have different kinds of hair. they are big fans of "true jackson vp" and asked why keke palmer can be dark like them and have "down hair." it's frustrating. i'm not placing blame or criticizing at all. i simply wish that there were more girls and women in mainstream media who sport natural dos.

Oh! I'm so going to see this just because I want to know more about the Indien connection.


this will be interesting.

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