I certainly have to try the clip technique. I bet that should help keep the roots down. I am definitely washing this weekend and trying the clips. Check out the 2:13 mark of the video-this girl hair was fierce, urhh well except for the blue pieces.
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Hello Curly World! I've used DevaCurl No-Poo and Conditioner. The No-Poo felt kind of wierd b/c I'm used to lather but I loved the way it made my hair feel. I would definately recommend this product. Love your blog!

I would love to see them do it on someone with short hair or on a 4B/4A type. The African American girls in the video all had around bra strap length hair and that falls differently than say ear length hair. Also, the girls in the video did not have a lot of shrinkage. Even the black girl in the hair cut video that she was alluding to that had shrinkage, the shrinkage was minimal. A lot of 4A/4B hair types have 50% shrinkage where that girl had about 20%.

I am not convinced it is the next best thing for us. Again, the ads use 3B and 3C type hair all the time. It is easier to make that type of hair look defined and moisturized than 4 types. Show me a 4B or 4A girl who does that and the hair looks moisturized and sexy, than I will try it.

Hey UC! I like the vids. I want to try the clips too..seems very interesting :D. thanks for the blog :D

I agree with the Anonymous person above, but being a type 3b/3c, I still didn't consider it the best thing. They don't encourage combing the hair, which is a problem for many type 3 and 4's because detangling is necessary to prevent matting, tangles and breakage/knots. Also, wash and go hair isn't always the best to protect the hair, so I would give it like 3/5 stars, since people with curly hair are more conscious and wouldn't wear their hair out like this on a regular basis and would need to detangle more often.

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