For My 4B Ladies: A Blowout Tutorial Or shall I say Airform

Because I am always getting requests and flack (LOL) about the lack of 4B representation on blogs...I've put together a quick demonstration of straightening 4b hair and the results. Hopefully, I can get her to do a curly style next. Anyway, I get so many emails, especially from transitioners stating that they don't know what to do with new growth but they are not ready to BC. My answer to that is there are many options one can do while transitioning (rod set, twist sets, etc.) A blowout is just one option.

My model featured below transitioned for approximately 1 1/2 years by straightening. She trimmed about 1/2 inch or so every month until all of the relaxer was gone. She is completely natural now, but chooses to wear her hair straightened. She only applies heat to her hair every three weeks. To maintain her blowouts, she wraps her hair nightly with silk scarf and dry shampoo her hair when necessary.

This is her freshly washed and conditioned state. Next, I detangled and sectioned into 4's.

I blow dried her hair paying special attention not to apply the heat directly on the hair. I used a medium high setting.

This is how it looks after blowing. Next I flat ironed the hair (don't know what happened to that picture)

This is an after shot. She was cold and insisted putting on that darn hoodie (teens)

Another after shot. One thing I want to point out is that it is not necessary to aim for bone straight because once you wrap it at night, I will smooth out all on it's own. I find that when you apply too much heat to the hair, it destroys the curl pattern. This is why she has very loose pieces on the ends of her hair (in picture one).
Nozzled blow dryer
Duck bill clips
Caramic flat iron
Round brush

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I luv blowouts, her hair is very healthy though!!

This seemed like a half-assed (sorry for the french) attempt to address 4b lost the flat iron pic?? Also it doesn't seem as in depth as it could be...

~Disappointed Deena~

Pretty! What type of flat iron do you use?

@ Deena,

Normally, I don't address ignorant comments such as this because, I know I can't please everyone. But obviously, you don't read my blog regulary because then you will know that my comment about loosing the flat iron pic was just my silly since of humor. You will also know that I have done a few tutorials on blowouts recently. So, I did not see the point in wasting a good post because I lost one picture.

You certainly have your right to an opinion, but if you don't like my tutorials, get to stepping and take your negativity with ya. A'ight.

@ A E,

Thanks, I used the Hana Elite Flat Iron from Also I used the Nano H2Pro blow dryer also from Misikko.

Did straightening frequently loosen her texture? I ask because that doesn't look like 4b. She has a little more definition than most 4b girls, and we practically have no definition.

Thanks for the tutorial. I appreciated it even if Deena didn't. Clearly she doesn't read the blog regularly, but probably should. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't even a curly girl. She doesn't seem to do much research of any kind b/c she'd know that of all the blogs around, even some of the more popular ones, your's is most diverse in dealing with different types of hair. Most of the people doing curly hair blogs are ppl who have type 3 hair and really only talk about their hair types.

I mean you just did a whole series LAST WEEK with type 4 hair models. Hold up, most of the videos you use are on type 4 hair. I remember the first one that I took notice of about the curlformer technique. I mean so many people show curlformers on type 3 hair but you chose the video with the type 4 hair girl.

You rock and if this blog doesn't work for her she can do what I've done for the blogs that don't address my hair type....move on to something need for the hateration.

@ Ava,

Yes, she definitely has 4b+ hair in most areas plus a mixture of everything else. I definitely know that straightening has loosened her curl pattern. Actually, it has done the same thing to my hair. So, maybe in an odd kind of way-it can be a good thing, but don't over do it or you will end up with straight pieces. This is why I recommend turning down the heat not straightening too often.

She has pretty healthy hair ... I can't wait till the day I'm a complete natural.

Hi!! I really love your site. What kind of products, if any, did you use on her hair?

Her hair came out great. You may have a little side hustle going on there lol.

granted this is first and foremost a blog dedicated to kinks and curls, I love your blog for the fact that it shows the versatility when it comes to these hair types as opposed to just 3s or the like. great job.

Awe, look at me :) Hehe. Ma, your site is really growing. You even got haters, that "Deena" chick need to go somewhere lol. Anyways, I love it.

Xoxo, Your daughter (The model)

Great post!
Before I move back to Paris I'm going to pay my former hairdresser in D.C. a visit, this woman washes, conditions, blows out and flat irons my natural hair in an hour and I have thick hair past my shoulders. I have my hair done every three weeks to a month. I'll have to ask her teach me to do my own hair. I don't know how she does it but my hair is never flat and lifeless, my hair has volume and bounces out the door. I refuse to return to Paris and become a part of the "unbeweavable crew" I've never had a weave and don't intend on ever getting one, it's just not my style. It's been great being back in the States what with all the products, salons, someone needs to come to Paris and work it out! Serious money (Euros!) are to be had.

This Time Now

hello! thank you for the blog. what type of dry shampoo(s) do you suggest?

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