From frizz to freedom: An Article by Rochelle Oliver

I received the following email about the DevaCurl line and could not wait to share because I have featured the Deva line as a Product of The Day, but unfortunately I've never used it. However, thanks to the Franchesca of have thoroughly researched this line tonight and I am convinced. So I am definitely going to try the line. Also I am going to try the DevaCutting method featured in the following videos.

Corny-yet appropriately, I have dedicated this Friday as "Deva Day" since I have so many posts about this product, lol. Here's the email from Franchesca followed by an excerpt of the article by her friend, Rochelle.

"I don't have lose hair (I have locs) but a good friend of mine started using Deva Curl and she loves it. I was just wondering if you've ever covered it on your blog. I did a little thin on it in mine, here's a link so you can see a before and after" (click here)

I have curly hair, big, natural, untamable hair. Some might call it kinky and others have called it nappy. My mother tells me to relax it, and my dad tells me to comb it. For a curly haired girl, these trials and tribulations are just tricks of the trade – or so I thought until Aug. 9, when two blonde ladies stroked their hands down the sides of my hair and told me to moisturize it.

“You’re so close,” said Shari Harbinger, director and curl educator of Deva Concepts, a company that sells hair-care products. The team toured South Florida to teach women how to work with their curls.

“You don’t even know how close you are,” Harbinger said while grasping my hair in her hands.

I felt like breaking into tears. I, along with a dozen frizzy-haired ladies stood in the GBS Beauty Salon in Coral Gables seeking more than pretty hair: We wanted a life-changing experience. Read more.
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Great article!

I don't use a towel to dry my hair anymore, but with the colder season, I don't feel comfortable going outside with wet/damp hair. This article introduced me to something new...using a t-shirt to dry it...hmmmmm, I think I will give that a try today.

BTW, I've been coming to your page today just for the music...I'm sooooo loving the "Diva" song :)

Thanks for sharing that article. I think that I will look into this line pretty soon. Like UC, I've seen it before on other sites but never had the motivation to try it. But after viewing the author's before and after, it may be worth a try.

Thanks for sharing! There's really great information. I will def' order some DevaCurl.

Guess what? Before I even saw your post today I pulled out my DevaCurl products because my hair is in a rut and I wanted to try and revist some of my older products..and my hair hasn't looked this good in used the B'Leave In and Ang'ell (I dont think I spelled them correctly)..and also I have been using a t-shirt to dry my hair for a couple of weeks and I can tell the difference (no little pieces of hair in the t-shirt like on the towel)

I really like Devachan- I actually have my second appointment w/ them on 1/24. They're prices are very reasonable and they know their stuff. I visit w/ Sophie at the NYC Soho location. The best thing about them is that they're not just doing your hair- they're also educating you through the process.

i love your blog i have posted about you on my blog just as a thank you for being the reason i started to blog in the place. keep up the good work!

check ouy my blog :)

Being at the end of my rope with my bird nesty dry hair I went to the Sephora and asked one of the women there how she does her hair. Her hair is natural and in tiny coiled ringlets and looked cute and manageable. She told me that it was nothing that they carried, it was actually Devacurl; which is funny considering I just read about the line on your blog a couple days ago. I decided to try it and immediately felt the difference. My hair is naturally so dry that I still have a ways to go, but I could see and feel my curl pattern trying to form in the desert that is my hair. Maybe this is more than just hype for real.

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