Hair Build-up? What Exactly Does That Mean


Build-up is residue from hair products that doesn't completely wash out with regular shampoo. This can cause your hair to have a dull or lifeless shine, feel greasy or have a limp appearance. The good news is that you can remove build-up by using a clarifying shampoo or an ACV rinse once a month. hmmm, I think I have some build-up now...I know what I'll be doing this weekend. What about you?
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Funny you mention this because I just clarified this morning and did a protein treatment.

I co-sign with you that build-up can be detrimental. Sometimes it's good to get some shampoo on your tresses. That build-up can prevent your strands getting plentiful moisture. I usually do mine once a week or every two weeks (since I use heavy products).

- Vermelha | Mulata

I like to use a baking soda rinse. I will keep a jug of baking soda (1.5 teaspoons per 1 cup of water) in my shower and give it a quick shake before I pour it in.

i dont think i have build up yet because i dont use too many products on my hair. matter of fact my hair feels too clean, lol and it somehow doesnt feel right.

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