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I recently watched a Nivea "Touch and Be Touched" commercial and a conversation that I previously had with someone resonated in my mind. She told me that ethnic women with straight hair are rarely featured in commercials or print anymore. At the time, I did not comment on the statement, but when I saw this commercial it made me stop and reflect. She was right! So I started paying attention to every commercial that I watched over the last few days. Out of every commercial with ethnic women there was only ONE with straight hair and that was Beyonce in that Loreal commercial.

So, curly is surprising the new in...I honestly don't know how I feel about it. What do you think about this? Is it a trend? Is it a good/bad? Just curious...speak on it.
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I've always liked curly hair!

That is very true! I have noticed it and it's starting to sprout awareness that ethnic women are naturally beautiful. I look at it like this: If Caucasian women can wear naturally curly ringlets, then what is wrong with a woman of African descent wearing a naturally curly Afro or tiny ringlets? I'm glad to see more ethnic women on television, and not just biracial or multiracial women either. I'm actually seeing more black women. Though I am multiracial, it does make me happy to see black women on television because I definitely relate to women who don't usually see "themselves" on TV. Honestly, I got excited when I saw the Pantene Relaxed and Natural commercial. It was a huge step in the right direction.

I believe that it is definitly a trend, ever since that dove true beauty campaign came out, a lot of commercials are featuring natural hair african american women. I was thinking this same thing the other day I was looking at commercials and only one had a straight hair african american girl also. I feel that maybe this phase will not end but we will start seeing a variety of different african american women

I've noticed that recently too. I'm not so sure if it's necessarily a good thing. I love curls and natural hair but I feel like the advertising industry is capitolizing on what they "think" is "ethnic". Basically they're exploiting us, in a way.

i think it's great that more women with natural hair are being featured on television... however, i also think that they tend to show women with 3b/c hair more - you know? perfect spirals and all. i rarely see women with my 4b hair on television or in print ads. i have love for all curly girls and it makes me incredibly happy to see women of all colours in their natural beauty, but i do think that not all of the beauty stereotypes have been addressed yet by the media... i just hope this isn't their way of saying, "oh, we've made one token gesture, we're good for the next 10 years!"

@ wes - i think you make a great point about the tokenising of "ethnicity"... le sigh. this topic is so complicated.

Oh yes it's been going on for over a year now. Crest, Kay Jewelers, Pantene, Dove, the list goes on. The advertisers are definiitely stepping up their curly girl love. I think it's great and it makes me feel like everyone else 'gets it'.

Oh yes it's been going on for over a year now. Crest, Kay Jewelers, Pantene, Dove, the list goes on. The advertisers are definiitely stepping up their curly girl love. I think it's great and it makes me feel like everyone else 'gets it'.

I think it's also a trend and a good one. Since society today is really environmentally focused I think it is being used by some as a marketing scheme, but hopefully it's here to stay.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one noticing this! I love the fact curly hair is coming into the lime light! Maybe it will make it easier to find GOOD curly products now!

Puff brings up an interesting point. I can't help but hope that soon 4as,bs and cs will start appearing now that curls are becoming more visible :)

I've noticed that too. I'm in Canada and we get a lot of American commericals of course, but I rarely see relaxed hair in commercials. I even see locs more often than straight hair. I think it's fantastic because it makes me feel that our natural look is being accepted more and that eventually it will become more "normal" to the rest of society and not something unusual that should be changed. I think its fantastic and I love seeing hair in commercials now. There is a great one for Head and Shoulders too.

I noticed it also, it feels good to see it whether its a trend or not.

I always thought it was advertisers trying not to explicitly show exclusively straight-haired black women, for fear of being accused of bias. So in exchange for showing mostly curly girls, they get out of some hairy situations- no pun intended.

African American women sporting their natural looks has really started with a lot of the television actresses. Now most commercials are showing these natural styles. Is it a fad? No. We want to be able to grow long hair too. And also the consciousness of humanity is moving toward organic, holistic and free of harmful chemicals, so I do not believe this is a fad but part of evolutionary growth and embraceing who we are as a people and our natural beauty.

@ alice

I've seen a hamburger helper commercial with a lady with 4b hair. She had a twist out. :)

For a few years I noticed the pattern and it makes me smile. Part of the reason why I went natural was because of the many natural sistas I saw in ads and in NYC.

As noted earlier, there aren't a lot of ads with sistas who have 4a and beyond hair types. The only one I can think of is a Macy's commercial with Bianca Golden of ANTM.

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