I Am On Twitter...I guess

I signed up for Twitter over the weekend in effort to expand my social community, however, I still haven't figured out the whole thing. So bare with me as I figure this out. In the meantime you can check me out there and on Myspace. This twitter thing got me feeling a little challenged...any suggestions anyone?
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Hey! I subscribe to your blog, and i love it! I'm trying to figure out twitter too. It takes a while to get the hang of it. One thing you can do is post links to articles or videos quickly. If you want to share something interesting with your network without doing a huge write-up on it, you can use twitter. I'd say spend time seeing what other people do with. That's how I'm learning. Have fun!


Hey Urbancurlz - I'm following as Laquita33 :o) Just like Conye said - you can post blog updates and just about anything else... many people use it to market what they are selling.

Also you can search for like-minded twitters to follow as well - for example - I typed in 'natural hair' and found tons of people to follow.

Welcome to the twitter fam!! It took me awhile to figure it out too. Just think of it as a BIG chatroom where everyone is 'chatting'... It has become addictive for me, I'm usually twittering away on my Blackberry.

Hey! I started twitter a little while ago but I am just now really getting back into it. Great way to expand your network, and "twitter your thoughts" as I say...people can follow you once you have a public profile, and you can add it to the sidebar of your page too, like i did mine...http://ladyd-thecommonsensus.blogspot.com/..(shameless plug!) Enjoy =)

i'm on twitter too...I don't think I like it too well...

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