Illustrator Shadra Strickland

Shadra Strickland (pictured above in the red shirt) is a talented illustrator and one of her most recent works include illustrating the children's book, Bird (pictured below).

Young Mekhai, better known as Bird, loves to draw. With drawings, he can erase the things that don’t turn out right. In real life, problems aren’t so easily fixed.
As Bird struggles to understand the death of his beloved grandfather and his older brother’s drug addiction, he escapes into his art. Drawing is an outlet for Bird’s emotions and imagination, and provides a path to making sense of his world. In time, with the help of his grandfather’s friend, Bird finds his own special somethin’ and wings to fly. Read More

You can view more of Shadra's work at Shadra Please support!
3 Responses:

This is great! Thanks so much~


That's really cool! :] I go to art school, and I'm an animation major, but I'm an illustration minor, a storyteller at heart! Thanks for including this! I gotta check this woman out!

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