Inauguration 2009

After last night, I thought I would be ready to get back to business as usual but I am still relishing over the Inauguration. My family and I sat around all day and watched the events unfold-I laughed, I cried, I sang, I danced. And funny, I kicked Bush "Good Riddance". This day...uhm, uhm, uhm was unlike any other day that I have ever experienced. I am proud.

But back to what I do, here's my recap of the Inauguration...UC Style:

The hairstyle of the night was straightened locks. I was surprised that there were no updo's or curls in sight...oh, well-I guess you can't be curly all the time.

The President and first lady looked stunning. Michelle wore a dressed designed by a young designer, Jason Wu. It wasn't my favorite on her, but she can't go wrong in my eyes.
Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and Beyonce performances were hot at the Neighborhood Ball. I need to find MJB's personal trainer, really fast. I was also surprisingly impressed with Bey's performance.

The hats were in full effect. Kerry Washington and Spike Lee donned flapper hats. While Jay-Z and Andre Talley sported a fur disaster urh, I meant hat. I'll forgive I know it was cold.
4 Responses:

I was also surprised at the lack of curls...

I only would have like to seen an updo on michelle, but if anyone follows first lady's they usually keep their hair in the same style.

@ Ebony
I said the same thing about Michelle's hair! I think it would have looked fabulous pulled up.

Yes, I was so looking forward to a chic upsweep with loose tendrils framing her face to show off her neck and shoulder line. But que sera sera, she was still fly :-)

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