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Special Junior Agent Astrid Farnsworth on the Fox' TV Series Fringe. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw her Tuesday night on the show. Her curls are amazing and on the show she had this cute almost mushroom-styled cut that I immediately fell in love with. This is a girl who knows how to rock her natural. She is also an amazing illustrator.

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She is certainly one to watch. Visit JasikaNicole.com. Oh, and tune in to Fringe -Tuesday's on Fox.
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Her hair is amazing!! I loves it!

OMG! I went to her site and her illustrations are amazing! I think I love her! :) It is almost enough to make me want to watch Fringe. Thank you so much for sharing!

Her curls are beautiful. I didn't know who she was at first, but then I recognized her from Fringe. The drawings are nice also.

I also love her curls! I was thrilled when I saw a natural-haired beauty on a good tv show!
And I'm also loving her illustrations. She's very talented!

i love her curls! my hair is in braids atm hiding from the cold and growing out so come summer, i might get a cut like hers.

I've been stalking her blog/site ever since I saw her on the "Dance" movie a few years back. She's super cute and very talented.

I love her hair. Her drawings are really nice, very stylized. She draws like a fashion illustrator. I love other black girls that draw. :D (I'm an animation/illustration student)

i remember seeing her the first time and doing a double take; she's beautiful and so is her hair. i wish i knew her regimen...

Thanks for sharing her link. Her illustrations are so pretty.

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