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"In deciding to go natural I found your blog on my search to get more information. You have helped me soooo much and I just want to say THANKS! It’s so hard to do anything that may be outside of the ‘norm’ (whatever that is) but I was determined. With all your tutorials, pictures, and product advice I have finally found my way. I am sitting at my computer crying with joy (literally) because of the beautiful curls that I have found thanks to your passion. I really appreciate you and the other readers. Without the advice and motivation I don’t think I would have made it. This is the first week I have ever worn my hair out in public. The first day, I had to literally run to my truck and drive off so that I wouldn’t put on a wig. I couldn’t believe the positive response I got. I honestly for the first time feel beautiful in my OWN skin. Thanks so much!!!!" -T

When I ran across this email on Saturday, I literally cried because it was just the motivation I needed to kick me back in gear. If you're reading this and wondering why I have not replied to your email, please be patient with me as I maneuver through all of the email that I receive. Thanks so much T. And thank you for all of the questions, comments, and solutions that you send...I really appreciate the love. -India
4 Responses:

Nice post. Your blog is indeed inspirational and you are well deserving - keep up the good work :o)

Awww thats nice. Its really amazing that new technology like the internet has helped me and many others to get back to our roots and be natural! I honestly would not have been able to make my transition without the internet blogs and YouTube.

That's great, cause I know you have helped me A LOT!!!! I would have said screw it a long time ago, but your advice, answers and posts have help me get this hair thing down...so to you.... SALUTE!!!!

T, You look gorgeous with your natural hair. I think that being natural brings out every woman's true beauty and you are no exception.


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