Myth Buster: Wet Hair and Cold Weather

Yesterday, I wanted to wash my hair but I knew the minute I pulled out the conditioner, my husband was going to put his two cents in. See, he is convinced that when you wash your hair and go out in the cold, you're going to get sick. I mean CONVINCED. So every time I do this, we have this same long debate.

See I've grown up believing this same thing. Mom never let me go out in the cold with wet hair and cringed when I started going to salons in the winter. But over time I have shrugged this off as a just a myth.

But last night after researching this topic and talking with a friend in the medical field-I found that this is indeed the truth. Wet hair and cold weather can be a recipe for a common cold. Based on a research, cold weather does lower the bodies ability to fight of the common cold. So unfortunately, mom and my husband has is right. (ugh!)

Here's the link.
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Yup I was raised being told the same. "Don't wash your hair and then go outside you'll get sick ".

Lol... I think I might have only done that once or twice in my lifetime

I wash my hair in the morning and I stay in DC where the temp is 30 degrees and sometimes even colder. The trick is to place a satin bonnet over the hair and then a cool knit loose beret or slouchy hat over the satin bonnet. Once you get to wear your going which should have "heat" then your okay. I havent gotten sick at all while doing this.

I was also told the same thing, but I used to work with a hispanic woman who does it every morning. She actually comes to work with wet hair all year long and never really got sick...but she also wore skirts and dresses all year long so who knows?

I leave the house all the time with wet hair. When I had short hair, I would wash it every day an leave within the hour. The real key is to stay away from sick people honestly. LOL If I'm not around the virus, then I'm not going to get sick no matter how wet I am. I haven't been sick with cold or flu in over 8 years. Not even the sniffles.

this is a tough time of the year for naturals living in colder climates (like new york). my hair requires moisture in the form of water almost daily...needless to say winter isn't my hair's best friend.

it's time to start the countdown to spring!

I am so glad you posted this..I thought the same thing the other day when I put my head under the sink before going to work. i was just waiting for my honey to say something...but he didnt..usually he is popping off about that stuff!


The trick is really not just to stay away from sick people but to have a strong immune system. Eat good food and keep the stress at bay to keep the immune system strong. When I had dreds, I used to wash my hair all the time and I would hop right in my car and go to work in the dead of winter and never got sick. People of other races do this all the time.

Since I live in a warmer climate (South Florida) this theory doesn't really affect me.

But last week when our temp dipped into our version of "freezing" (30 to 40 degrees in the morning), I didn't apply any water to my hair when I needed to go out.

bummer; i do it everyday and have been all winter, and i live in nyc. i've been fine most of the winter. i finally got sick, though not from a cold, but some mysterious 'virus', but figure i'll go back to doing this once i'm healthy! perhaps it's more to do with the individual immune system and one's close contact with other sick folk (with whom i have constant close contact as i'm a subway rider).

It's more of a scienfific (sp) thing....90% of heat is lost through the head....that's why our mothers always made us keeps hats on in colder weather.

When a scalp is wet not only does it allow more heat to ecape, but it allows "cold" to settle into our scalps..or "heads"....ergo...head cold....

I agree with the poster that said wash as usual, bonnet, then cap it off..You'll be fine.

Where are you looking? 4 out of 4 sites says vehemently that it is a myth and a bad one at that!

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