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Side view

Another side view

Products used (Motions setting lotion, small rollers)

Last week, fellow blogger Pru was at her wits end with the transitioning process. She recently BC'd (big chopped) and has type 4 curls. Remember this letter. Well, through your words of encouragement and a hairstyle brainstorming session, Pru found a fab style to rock (the roller-set). To get this style, Pru used setting lotion, small rollers and a rat-tail comb. (1) She parted her hair into very small sections, (2) applied setting lotion and (3) rolled the hair. (4) Sit under a dryer for 45 mins to an hour or air dry like Pru. (5) Unravel the rollers, finger style and it's a wrap! This style can last last about 3 days to a week.
4 Responses:

Congrats Pru on finding a look that works for you! I know you'll find tons of ways to rock your gorgeous natural hair. I still haven't tried a rollerset yet, but its definitely on my list of things to try. It looks great!

This is so cute on her!

I've been wanting to do a roller set on my hair, and now I think I will do one...thanks :)

Super cuteness! My hair is about that length, I'll have to try that!

I've never tried a roller set. When I wore my hair permed, that was my absolute favorite style!

My hair is quite long and thick and my arms get so tired up there messing around, But I may have to take some Tylenol, 'man up' and 'git-er-done', Lord knows I have all the supplies to do it.

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