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Ladies, I need your help. I received the following email last night:

"I am trying to get some help on hair dye for gray hair. I am told by most people that I am much too young to be walking around with the full front of my hair gray. I have used the over the counter dye but I find that on my gray hair it is extremely dry, wiry and trashy looking. I would love for you to put it out there to see what type of dye I can use that won’t damage my hair. Please H-E-L-P. "
-Lady D

This is the second question I received this week about hair dye, so I thought I would address it. I wish I could say that I know a thing or two about hair color, but I honestly don't. I am still in the learning phase so I consider myself a novice when it comes to this topic. Honestly, I've always been afraid of hair color so the few times that I've experimented with it, I went to the salon. I recently traded my copper curlz for jet black and I am satisfied with the results-thus far.

Based upon what I do know, I find that Henna is a the number #1 choice for many curlies for its natural components. However, it can be a bit messy and like many traditional dyes can alter the curl pattern. Aveda color also comes highly recommended from my stylist friends because it is 97% plant derived. Other than that... (blank)

So I am going to open the forum for others to advise on this matter. Ladies, please help us out and share your experience or expertise on Hair Dyes/Henna/Rinses. Thanks. -UC

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I'm currently back to "hennaeing" my hair. I did it about 3 times last Winter. It does not loosen everyone's texture. It really deepens on your hair and/or how often you henna. And yes, it can be messy and a little time consuming but I enjoy it. I almost equate it w/being therapeutic. I'm back to hennaeing. I'm looking forward to doing my 3rd application this weekend. I mainly do it for conditioning/covering my grays. Anyhoo, Curltalk (naturallycurly.com) has an awesome thread about it! You can also, check out the forum on hennaforhair.com.
Hope this helps!

I truthfully love hair that has a lot of gray. My aunt had a full head of hair of gray at the age of 27 and it was beautiful. She did dye it but now she is back with the gray. The only thing with gray is finding the right shampoo to give the correct shine that is needs so it is healthy and beautiful. You can do a google search for shampoos if you don't want to dye and see which ones are right for you. If you don't feel old or think you look old then keep strutting with the gray. Gray hair can be beautiful with the right tools.

If you do want to dye I would follow the above advice and try henna. http://www.hennaforhair.com/

Good luck!!

I also henna my hair, not so much for color, but for the conditioning effects. I third the recommendation to check out henna for hair and there are also a few good threads on nappturality if you're interested in finding the experiences of more women of color or more highly textured hair. I really enjoy henna and don't think I'd use anything else on my hair.

i've had grey hair since i was 15. now that i'm older (41) my grey is growing like wildfire in the front and is very dry and wiry.

for the past 2 years I would just get a rinse at the salon while i was relaxing.

the rinse is temporary and washes out after a few shampoos or any hair process.

i'm currently using a temporary color at home


and the results are ok but it doesnt seem to last very long (washes out in the next washing). that could be because i don't sit under the dryer with it.

i too am thinking about trying henna but not looking forward to the mess.

I recently used henna to make my hair a dark brown/black. It is a little messy but its really easy to use. I use the Henna from Lush Handmade Cosmetics(also called Caca). They are really good for covering grey too!

I have used Naturatint (purchased from Whole Foods) three times in the last year. It is not at all drying and hasn't modified my texture in any way.

Unfortunately, the gray pops back out within a week.

This is a permanent hair color that is ammonia free but not not peroxide free. The do use some vegetables for color but it still contains quite a bit of chemicals.

If you find something that last, please share with the rest of us. lol


I would embrace the grey rather than fight it. My mom has always died hers blacks and has even put black mascara on the edges and no matter what she did, it always got worse by spreading. I have a few strands and some parts of my hair won't darken with the Bigen Oriental Black I have been using for a while (it stays a funny dark brown color on some parts). I assume those areas will be my grey areas (and they are pretty big).

I plan to use a grey rinse to give the hair that gloss and not that yellowish look that many have on their grey when they try to dye it. Also using shampoo geared towards blondes (the shampoos are blue in color) will give about the same gloss and clearness to the grey.

I would seriously check out http://www.lushusa.com/shop/products/hair/henna-hair-dyes

Apparently they are wonderful!

I tried Henna for the first time yesterday. One thing I learned - it is VERY MESSY. Another thing: Don't use it on a day you have a major event (too time-consuming).

But the result was worth it. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)along with olive oil to my henna solution. ACV is supposed to take hold of the grey strands (I had about four) better.

It worked but my hair is darker than usual - I'm more of a brownish with natural highlights color. I bought the "medium brown" henna. I'll see the progression in a few weeks.

I have tried the dark brown Henna but it highleighted my gray to a red tone. I found that

Bigen Hair Color did the job. Bigen water-activated permanent hair color is ammonia free, and requires no hydrogen peroxide.

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