There's A Right and Wrong Way To...

Remember that song by Keith Sweat, "There's a right and a wrong way to love some-bod-eee"? Well, when I thought about the title of this post, I immediately started singing that song in my head. But just as there is a right and wrong way to pretty much everything-there is a certainly a wrong way guessed it SHAMPOO (Co-Wash) Curly Hair. I used the follow images for illustration purposes only. I know...but they were the best I could find.


Reason-gathering hair and bunching it like this creates more tangles and will make the hair harder to detangle.


Why? Flipping the hair like this can be a disastrous as it will certainly cause the hair to tangle more and in many textures promote more shrinkage.


Ding-ding-ding! This is the best way to shampoo and co-wash hair. Why? Washing hair in the shower allows for easy detangling. The pressure of the water forces the hair into an downward position so it works with you to help get the tangles out-not against you. So once you're finished your hair should be detangled and ready for styling. I've been washing and detangling my hair like this for 9 months and it has saved me the extra 20 minutes of detangling. Try it, you will see a difference.
2 Responses:

Really? I'm going to start that again. I usually wash my hair in the sink and it does tangle the hair more.

While in the shower, I usually part and wash my hair in four to six braided sections. I take a braid apart to wash/detangle the hair, and then I loosely braid it back before continuing to the next section. I find that on top of the shower pressure, this seems to help with keep the hair detangled and prevent so much shrinkage. Nice post! Thank you!

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