This Is How I Shingle My Hair

I decided to have a little fun and snap some pictures of my shingle technique. This was after coming from wearing a blowout for 3 weeks. As you can see, the damage the blowout has done to my curl pattern...urggh. But I can only make the best of it. Shingling has become my first choice of style because it easily define my curls and it's quick.

I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner and Miss Jessie's Buttercreme on freshly co-washed hair.

Duck Bill Clips
Blow Dryer with Diffuser

Step: 1 Co-wash and detangle in the shower-by doing these steps in the shower your hair will be ready to style. Step 1 is my hair fresh out of the shower.

Squeeze excess a water out of hair by pressing between the fingers

Step 2: Section hair into 4 sections (or more). This allows for even distribution of product.

Step 3: Working with about 1 inch sections, I applied the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In then I applied a small amount of the Miss Jessies Baby Buttercreme on top of that. I raked and single each piece of hair as demonstrated until I complete the whole head.
Step 4: Diffuse with a blow dryer. This give hair volume and prevents a lot of shrinkage.

Step 5: Finished in less than 45 minutes.
As a matter of fact, I rode my stationary bike while diffusing my hair. Child, you gotta mult-task sometimes. However, notice that I don't have a lot of shrinkage.

I fluff my hair, fingerstyle and go. But since I did not have anywhere to go, I just left it as is. This style was done last Saturday and today is Friday and I am still rocking the same shingle. So I made it 6 days...yippee!
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can you show a picture of your hair dry? I would like to see how much shrinkage you get with this technique. my curl patter is similar but I get alot of shrinkage.

My hair is complety dry on the last picture!

6 days wow! That's excellent how did you sleep on it? for it to last sooo long? :) I so need to know bc I sleep anyhow and my curls always get squashed! :(

This looks great. I'll try it when spring breaks.

I love it! I think we have the same hair texture, the only probelm is my hair so thick, even if I shingled it would still be in a big afro.

I am still to try this method, I will when I wash my hair today. Please help me with a dye for my hair. Its got extremely dry when I used an over-the-counter dye. I want something natural that will work well on my grey hair. Help!

Beautiful Curls UC! I think I might try this...

Gorgeous! I would love to try this but I don't think my hair is long enough! :(

Very nice. Please include a picture of how your hair turned out after a day or so.

Very nice. Please include a picture of how your hair turned out after a day or so.

This looks simple enoough. I must try it this weekend.

what color are you wearing on your lips?

It has taken me sooooo long to find this post again. I remembered reading it during the winter but I could not figure out what blog posted it or when? I remembered it had something to do with diffusing but that's all I had to go by. Can you add this to your how to's or a keyword with diffuser or something?

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