What Do These Brothers Have In Common?

Men, men, men-boy do they make me mad. I ran across a picture of the above ball player and asked myself, "Now how long did it take for him to grow his hair this long?" I don't know the answer, but I can bet that it did take as much time or effort as we ladies put into our hair. Is it genetics, I wonder. Or is it just the fact that they do not overload their hair with products, styling, and stress? I think it's the latter.

When I think about this, I reflect on my old problem with growing my nails. When I was younger I used to dream about long nails every minute of my day. I was obsessed. I used every nail hardener and vitamin from here to timbuktu. But with no luck. Then one day I had a light bulb moment and realized that when I left them alone, they grew. So I stopped obssessing over them and applying polishes, etc. Now, I cut them every week because they grow too fast...what's the irony there?

The same applies to hair. I think that we (women) are unsuccessful with achieving our own hair goals because we obsess. We stress over the styling, the length, the color, bad hair days, etc. We apply every product and method known to mankind. This only further damages the hair. Have you ever heard a man complain about how long his hair is or what product he uses? I haven't. They just do it. They don't sweat it or apply any special products or attention to it. And it grows.

So I think we can learn a lesson from them-don't sweat it, just do it and see what happens.
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Don't forget to add Lloyd to this list. He makes me sick! Men have it too easy sometimes (hair, nails, eyelashes)...LOL


I've decided to stop being a product junkie & worrying about my hair, and just allow my hair to "do what it do." Long as you keep it clean and moisturized, it will be fine.

All of my aunts have hair down to their butts (natural hair that is very thick), and they don't use so many products and "miracle workers" on their hair. They just wash it and keep it moisturized. My grandmother's hair is so long that she can sit on it. She mostly wears it in a bun, and takes it down at night to brush it, then puts it back in a bun.

Exactly!! Palomalo (sp? The football player) plays w/ his hair OUT... I would think his hair would be incredibly damaged but his curls are longer (and look stronger) than mine!!

You forgot about Real from Real Chance at Love. lol. He knows he has some pretty ass hair. Its just ridiculous.

@ Chanel,

You're right...I knew it was someone else! Real's hair is so fly.

Yep - you are right - I know so many me/boys with super long hair and they go around with it looking like a hot mess most of the time and when they finally get it done, combed,cornrows,braids etc... it looks wonderful. Not one extra minute is spent on shampooing, conditioners, or moisturizers either :o( - Makes me sooo mad :o) I have attempted to do what they do in my protective style experiment - but I am washing and moisturizing - I better see results like or either close to these by the summer ;o)

I agree, I think men grow their hair faster because they do little to it, and don't use as much products as we do.

I completely agree UC..when we leave our hair alone it will be fine. I mean of course moisturize and wash condition etc... is important but we are just constantly spending alot of money to make our hair do something that its prolly not meant to do. Long as we do our part and stop going crazy about it, the hair will grow grow. my so, has long hair and of course his fam is always like damn they wish they could take his hair off and add it to theirs lol

@Dee, Llyod's hair is something else. I love it. Your right, UC, dont stress...!

Great post, also notice that its ok for black men to have long hair , but its a death sentence for black women to grow theirs long without being accused of trying to be another race. Hypocrites I tell yea.!!

My friend has the nices eye lashes ever so long and full lol.

But I agree with everyone also, since women will stress more it can prevent growth.

I heart this post! Mainly b/c my curly hair inspiration is right smack dab in the middle. I have always admired Troy Polamalu's hair (the football player)and rumor has it that he can hang his body weight from it! Anywho, I researched some things and found a pic of him when he was in college (around 2003) and he had a small afro of curls prob about 3 or 4 inches. Sooo... all that growth happened in the past 5 years...

I concur entirely with this idea. Men don't do anything with their hair and can achieve lengths that black women could only imagine.

My ex achieved MBL hair in a little over 2 years, simply by blowouts twice a month and braids. He used a little ORS Olive Oil spray for sheen but that was it. No concoctions, no special conditioners or techniques.

I think black women have a lot to learn. I know many don't want to wear cornrows and braids and opt for straight styles and weaves, but we don't see them doing this, and now, who doesn't envy their hair?

wow tot i wz da onli one dat actualli noticed it... wish ma hair grew as quick as men's hair... funni enuff they don't necessarily need hair do they now...

Amen...I agree...it's just so hard not to meddle in my head though:)

TESTOSTERONE It makes all their hair grow everywhere

The question plagued me for a long time too

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