What Do These Two Have In Common?

Pictured above Johnny Wright and Michelle Obama

Did you guess correctly?

Chicago native, Johnny Wright is the magical hands behind Michelle Obama's flowing tresses. He is also behind the looks of Vivica, Laren London and a few others. News has it that he is slated to host his own reality show. I ran across a great interview with Johnny on Bella Sugar.com-thought I would share. Read the interview

One tip that he dishes in the interview that really stick out is that "the foundation of any hairstyle is the cut". OMG, I can't agree with him enough. When you hair is properly cut, it falls better and is easier to style. This is what I am struggling with right now as due to my decision to grow. I haven't cut my hair in a very long time and as it grows-it shows (no pun intended). But I can definitely see that the shape of my hair has grown out and now it's lackluster to say the least.

Last week I inspired by the Devachan cutting method, so I rushed out an bough shears for a DIY trim. However, I quickly chickened out after the first snip. Maybe one day I will gain the courage to trim...who knows.
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lol this post couldn't have come at a better time. I have an appointment at Devachan tomorrow! (YAY!) Lately, I've been noticing way to many split ends and like you I'm afraid to snip-snip myself (I think I would need to chop off atleast 1.5 inches, thats how bad it is)... I also want more of a shape b/c like you, I think that the key to great styling is ALLLLLLLL in the cut (especially for natural hair).

I agree. I need to trim too but not because of bad ends, I need my shape right. I trim on twists first then unravel them and trim again (I go every other twist and then every other twisted piece for the twist out making sure I cut on the lowest C of the curl and my hair is dry throughout this and in small twists). I end up cutting about 1/4 inch (more like dusting). I'm too lazy to do all this so I just keep it moving with my unshapely hair lol.

@ WES, yuu have convinced me to try Devachan. I have plans to come to NY in the spring, so I will schedule an appointment for a trim because I don't know how long I can go on without a shape. This is killing me. Who do you recommend?

good tips but right now am concetrating on growth i dont even want to hear the 'cut' word.

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