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The Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment?

While looking at Dex Studio's menu, I ran across an unfamiliar term, "Brazilian Hair Straightening". Hmmm...so I decided to do a little research. Here's what I found:

Technically, it is neither a relaxer nor a straightener, both of which use caustic chemicals to change the texture of the hair.

The Japanese straightening method, also known as thermal conditioning, has fallen out of favor because many users reported extensive damage, particularly when the process was repeated. The Brazilian is also different because it can be used on most hair types, even the previously color treated, without causing harm, proponents say.

The multistep treatment takes 1 ½ to 4 hours, and costs $150 to $600, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. A stylist applies a solution made with active keratin, a protein akin to a component of human hair.

Using a 450-degree iron, the hairdresser seals the formula onto the outer layer of the cuticle. The formula adheres to the cuticle’s inherently rough edges. Thus, it is said, it traps moisture, hydrating the hair, and adds a glossy veneer. Source: New York Times Read More

Like many salons, Dex's New York uses a formaldehyde-free formula. Using formaldehyde is a no-no! It's a strong chemical used to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it. And it can cause lung damage when heat is applied to it. So this is something that you want to investigate before you run out to get this procedure. Otherwise, this sounds like a viable option for those curlies who choose to straighten. Has anyone used this procedure?
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I have heard of this but never knew the details about it. Thanks for sharing. It sounds pretty cool but I'm still leary of that heat. I hope some others have experience with this and will chime in.

Just a tidbit to add: When getting the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, a client will not be able to touch, wash or style their hair (or even put it in a ponytail) for a week, though the results last 6 months, according to an article on BellaSugar.

The treatment was founded in Brazil, of course, after, some say, a mortician accidentally poured a formaldehyde solution on a deceased corpses hair. It apparently straightened it and today we have a new hair straightening method.

I would consider it, but then too, many curlies who would agree that though it's less caustic than lye/no-lye relaxers, state that there are risks as it is a chemical process. Some forum posters who have tried it stated that their natural curl did not come back as promised.

The Japanese Thermal Conditioning, however, isn't suitable for natural, Afro hair types, as stated by various salons who offer the process.

Mmm. Interesting. Makes relaxers seem safer? Nah!

I actually tried this about 4 years ago when I first cut my hair really short. I didn't really like it b/c it made my hair extremely straight and it was hard to grow out. It pretty much does the same thing as a perm w/o the harsh chemicals.

That's okay. I'm waiting for the day that my hair will look like the 'before' picture. :)

Its still a chemical regardless...plus after watching some Youtube videos of the application I sm so leary of it.
When you have to have a fan on or gloves to apply is a no-no for me.
Plus I am loving my curls so much.
: )

Hey there,
I read about this treatment. Some salon near my home offers this service. I did some Googling and "cancer causing" came up in the results.

Plus I saw the service being rendered in a YouTube video. There was a fan blowing on the client and the stylist. That sent off a red flag.

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