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Over the weekend, I've enjoyed the opportunity to read over a few of my Facebook friends 25 Random Things about... I typically never read any of these things and thankfully haven't been tagged...Yet. But after reading one of my friends' responses, I thought this would be a great post to let you know a few things about me.

1) My real name is India

2) I started this blog in November 2007 out shear frustration with the lack of products and information on naturally curly hair.

3) I dislike the word kinky, and the word nappy even more. These are just another form as labels to justify our beauty. I don't have naps or kinks. My hair is curly. Just because my curls don't look like Tracee Ellis or Kelis, does not mean that my hair is not curly. To me, calling my hair kinky and/or nappy is the equivalent to saying, "You're cute-for a dark skinned girl".

4) I get offended when people touch my hair and say "Oh, it's so soft". Well, what the hell did you think?

5) I appreciate it when people ask me questions like I know it all, but the truth is, I am learning along the way.

6) I am a mother of 3, have a full-time day job, have a wonderful marriage...and hold the title of freelance writer (if only I can find the time to write).

7) I post really late at night or early in the morning. So that's why it's easy to find typos in my posts.

8) I sometimes get blogger's block and can't think of anything to talk about. That's when I become frustrated and don't post at all...forgive me.

9) I finally understand why bloggers watermark their photos

10) I find it a compliment when other bloggers use my photos and/or posts

11) This blog is not about me-or my hair. It's about you, your hair and solutions for it. That's why I don't have an arsenal of photos of my hair. What works on my hair may not work on yours. So I try to publish information for variety of hair types.

12) I sometimes get frustrated with my hair and want to cut, color, or relax it. I also miss my short, choppy, Mohawk desperately.

13) I've noticed then men don't come on to me as much when my hair is curly. When it's straight, they are flagging me down. But my husband love it so that is all that matters.

14) I get burned out and want to shut down my blog sometimes.

15) But then I get a sweet e-mail from a reader telling me that I've changed their life. Then I break out in tears and start posting all over again.

16) I have gotten a few requests for intern help, but feel foolish accepting assistance because my blog really isn't that big YET. So please don't take offense when I decline.

17) Blogging is making me fat. I have gained 16 lbs in the last year or so because I am always online instead of being active and moving. This is why I can't fit over 90% of the clothes in my closet. I have to find a happy balance.

18) I am a "quirky" fashionista till the end. I love labels, but I'm not defined by them. On any given day, you might catch me in $300 pumps mixed in with $6.99 Target clearance shirt.

19) Two of my co-worker have transitioned to natural. I love those girls and they know who they are.

20) I love to sip on a glass of wine while posting. Moscato is my favorite.

21) My husband and my kids are my best friends-I don't go anywhere without them.

22) I really don't like networking events...but I'm trying to do better by attending them

23) I'm glad that there are some great natural and curly sites out there because together we can make a difference. Much love to Wes (isn't she adorable), Afrobella (the pioneer), Chocolate Orchid, Mane and Chic, Hairspiration and some others...Curly girls rock dammit!

24) I am working to expand Urbancurlz to the next level in 2009.

25) I sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your continued support-I am humbled.
Please respond by listing a few things about yourself, let's say five. I think this is going to be fun.
15 Responses:

1)I sometimes dislike my middle name Eugenia. But I hold it dear to my heart because my father's middle name is Eugene and I'm astraight up daddy's girl.

2)I was born in Georgia and lived in Germany twice and now I reside in Maryland for the second time. (I live right between the two great cities of Baltimore and Washington D.C.)

3)I just started graduate school at the University of Baltimore, studying Criminal Justice. (still gettin used to doing homework and papers again, lol)

4)My mother gave me a relaxer, against my father's wishes, when I was 6. Went chemical free from the age of 10 to 12 (due to damage) and on September 21, 2006, four days after my 21st Birthday, I cut off my relaxed hair (I'll never forget that day for so many reasons). I had about and inch of curls and haven't looked back since.

5) I have tremendous (spelling) faith in God. And I thank him for my family, friends and all the opportunities that I've had in my life. I also thank him for my grandmother being able to celebrate her 87th Birthday yesterday and allowing her to be as independent and witty as ever.

1. I've been natural for 2 years and my hair about 8 inches long stretched out.

2. I also dislike the word nappy.

3. I stalk your site every day for hair styles and tips because I am easily bored with my hair.

4. I ultimately want hair like YaYa Dacosta.

5. My complete first name is Cecily, but I go by CeCe for short.

6. (0ne more) One day I want to start a blog as well but I haven't figured out what to talk about.

yayy my name's india too :)

" I dislike the word kinky, and the word nappy even more. These are just another form as labels to justify our beauty. I don't have naps or kinks. My hair is curly. Just because my curls don't look like Tracee Ellis or Kelis, does not mean that my hair is not curly. To me, calling my hair kinky and/or nappy is the equivalent to saying, "You're cute-for a dark skinned girl". "

Dido to # 3, I don't know why so much people continue to embrace these words, our hair is curly, simple as that.

Great Post - I got tagged with this on Facebook as well.
Since your blog is sooo inspirational I think I'll make mine a blog post as well (once I get around to posting this week) of course I'll site you as the inspiration :o)

1. I’ve been natural since June ’05, but last summer I was seriously contemplating relaxing. I then discovered the forums, youtube and blogs (it amazes me at how ignorant I was about my hair before stumbling upon these).
2. I’m not too fond of my first name, so I’ve shortened it to Mo. I think it’s quite mysterious and goes with my personality (so I’m told).
3. It usually takes me two foul ups to learn a lesson (ex. colored my hair twice and it broke off twice. I pierced my naval twice and it got infected twice). I’m working on it.
4. One of my fave pics of myself is with blown out hair. I stare at it sometimes and admire how hott I look (I’m not vain!).
5. On a very personal note: I worry about finding a man that will accept me and my natural hair. I think the men in my city prefer straight hair and not surprisingly I get more attention when I flat iron.

Girl, keep doing what you’re doing b/c it’s keeping me and I’m sure a lot of others sane.

1. I have "gone" natural twice...but this time I will not be weakened by boredom or frustration.

2. I have come to realization that I will never have full curly hair like YaYa and the like and working on accepting it.

3. I am oh so bored with my puff but my hair doesn't hold styles too long so I just wear the same look all the time. (blame Houston Humidity on that one)

4. When I go out, I always zero in people in the room with natural hair.

5. I have turned my fiance' into a lover of all things "hair natural"...now he is on a loc journey!

Great post, we do have to work together to educate ourselves and others on our God given beauty.

1- My name is Natalie
2- I was born and raised in Toronto
3- I'm a writer
4- I stared my Blog Nu Kynk August of '08 , and LUV it!
5- I'm still learning like everyone else:)

1) My last perm was Oct. of 07.
2) I am VERY hair illiterate and impatient so this process has been a challenge
3) I am a product whore. My bathroom cabinet is a like a mini store.
4) I don't watch tv (well hardly) except for sport games but I am an internet junkie
5) I am that crazy lady that has her car radio up loud and TRYING to sing the mess out of my Mary Mary cd.

-PS, I have posted some of your topics on my blog. You're a godsend.

I love moscato too! lol...ok, that is all

I'm glad you know what a difference you make! I found your blog last summer and have been visiting regularly ever since. (In fact, I have you linked on my new blog now.) The curly community is strong one, and I admire each of you ladies for what you bring to it. :o)

1. I am pretty much obsessed with hair now, after making the decision to transition and go natural.
2. I've also heard "You're hot for a black girl!!!" WTH is that about??!!
3. I turn 30 this month.
4. I need to take back some of my time from researching the hair boards/blogs and job search (unemployed after layoff).
5. I'm still trying to figure out where my life is going.

Y do ppl watermark their pics?

1. My name is Angela Evette...Live in the DC area (suburb in MD)...
2. I am on a quest to lose at LEAST 50lbs this year, 133 over all...(my friends would never believe I needed to lose 133-I wear it well)
3. My hair is natural, has been for about 3yrs.
4.I am pretty sure I haven't washed or co-washed my hair since BEFORE January 13th-long story, but I have been BUSY.
5.I am going to learn how to do locs this year so that I can earn extra income (and meet cuties with locs!!! LOL)

1) I've been natural for over ten years and I'm still learning new things about my hair.

2) Growing my hair out has been an experience that has taught me about more than just hair.

3) Losing is weight is hard to do especially with my hips.

4) Patience is not my virtue.

5) I love blogs about natural hair. I wish they were around when I started my journey.

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