Amber Rose Is Bringing The Low

Amber Rose has been spotted all over fashion week on the arms of Kanye West. But I've been more focused on her hair because I love it. It's carefree, bold, and makes a hella statement. I adore women who color outside the lines and work it. And that, she does well. So, Amber has nothing but love from UC. Do you like it?
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I like it because it's different and it looks gret on her. I like to see women who dare to come out of the "straight, silky long weave" look. There is nothing wrong with being versatile with the hair that you were born with.

i like that she wears her hair low, but personally, i think blonde is odd.
thats my HONEST opinion.
However, I do love her style and outside the boxness.
She's bold to emerge on the scene with this cut.
And it's hot, and she's hot.

Its all hot.

she is amazing!! its good to see someone a bit different! though i'm not to keen on her choice of man it good to see some bucking the video vixen trend and not being a weaved up clone.

shes fly!

i think the look is great on her.

Actually a lot of older women and some younger women I know have been rocking their hair like that from time, up here in Toronto. Some with their natural colour and my friends mother has her blonde, it looks great on her.
I guess it really just depends on your environment.

Yeah, I agree with the earlier post. I love the cut but the color is odd on her IMO. I have a friend from college who wears her hair this way, but it's jet black. And she looks fantastic.

My Co-worker wears her hair like this but it is black and she is stunning. Maybe I can get a snapshot of her and post it. I like this style a lot!

Not into this look at all, sorry. ^ years ago I shaved my head was rocking a boldy like her, and I did feel very free. She reminds me of sylvester stallones ex blond wife! I forgot her name? she had a show with flava flav. She is very pretty, but she's trying to hard to match with Kanye and bring back that back alley rocker bomb shell look. If she loves it, good for her!

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