Beyonce Covers Ebony April Issue


Her hair...the hair is absolutely fierce. This is why I love Bey because also she wears her hair straight most of the time, she is a curly girl at heart. In the issue, she dishes about that she is a messy person and how is annoys Jay...too funny!
It's a wrap today, I overslept so I really don't have time to post anything else. TGIF! See you guys on Monday-same place, same time.
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i like the blue dress ...she luks brilliant with the earings and da hair...i'm loving it

I'm LOVING these pictures... then again, I'm a total Bey groupie, so I'd love 'em anyway, but I ESPECIALLY love them here.

And the curls rock. :o)

The look with the blue dressm the white dress and the shot of her in those black pants....HOT. Love it.

Great pictures - I love her in curls :o)

I do have to say that Bey really know how to work a pose. I'm loving the curly locks to death, and the black and white dresses are fire.

I just love her reminds me of a B.Scott hair favorite that I actually asked my hairsylist to replicate on me...and it was FAB!!!

Finally! something different! fresh air uo in this room! I love th epic of her in the blue dress! she looks incrediable! I don't care for the mermaid hous of done wrong dresses, but she looks really nice.

I definately wouldn't saw she was a curly girl at heart. The reality is that she is obsessed with fake straight hair hence why she always wears a weave/lace front.

It seems that she only does the curly afro weave when she is playing a certain character (i.e. Goldfinger), wants to play a certain character (Angela Davis) or is deliberately trying to appeal to the black audience after a long period of neglect (Ebony Magazine 09) She wouldn't wear this style on the cover of Marie Claire or Cosmo! In fact if this was a white magazine they/she would have lightened her skin and given her a weave.

I honestly don't believe women like Beyonce/Tyra Banks embrace their real hair or even their blackness. They are black when its convinient for them to be so. Women like Jill Scott or even Alicia keys could be deemed curly girls because they sport that look frequently. Beyonce on the other hand is known for the artificial straight mane

To be fair, when it comes to magazines and such, the cover girl rarely has any say in how she's going to be styled. Once the editors choose who they want to be on the cover, they already have the fashions, hair, and makeup detailed before she even gets there. So really and truly, the beef should be with the publications and the editors who are so set on showcasing a very narrow beauty ideal. Can't say this for Tyra, but at least when I see photos of Beyonce during her "downtime", she's rocking a curly 'do, sometimes her own, and sometimes with a little assistance. Really, it's to each their own, and I think the great thing about Black beauty is that it's so varied.

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