Blonde Ambition

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Blonde and curly hair is a like ice cream and cake-they compliment each other so well. It's just something about Blonde highlights make curls---pop. And color can be an instant makeover when you start to become bored with your curls. If you're thinking about coloring-choosing the right color and brand is important. My trusted sources tell me Aveda is the best for color because it is 97% natural. I also found the video featured below that gives a few tips on how to pick the perfect shade of blonde.

How to Choose the Perfect Blonde Hair Color -- powered by
1. If you haven't noticed, I am slowly but surely making changes to the blog, please bare with me as I complete these changes.
2. Special thanks to the staff over at for the wonderful Curly calendar and notebook.
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I have ash blonde highlights and I agree that do make my curls pop. I heart blonde and curls.

I have blonde highlights, their almost grown out now. But I loved them when they were new.

The model in the middle hair is fab.

i got highlights done 3 years ago and i let them grow out. they were cute, but i didn't give it the extra special care highlighted hair needs, so my hair suffered. don't forget to keep up with your deep treatments, ladies!

I have blonde highlights from Aveda & I heart them so much! I don't take the best care of my hair & I don't deep condition nearly enough, but luckily my hair is pretty tough lol.

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