David Banner On Women With Natural Hair

Rapper, actor and philanthropist David Banner told students gathered at South Carolina State University's Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium that black people should not accept media portrayals of African-Americans.

In the midst of Black History Month, Banner, the graduate of two historically black colleges and universities, stunned an audience of more than 300African-Americans with the accusation: "African-Americans don't love themselves."

"Black people have accepted what the media have portrayed them to be," Banner said. "We have to work to repaint the picture of black folks...

"In a question-and-answer session, Banner challenged black women in attendance to explain why they perm and straighten their hair. In response came the defense that "hair perming" is equated with being able to get a decent job as a professional and not being viewed as a threat by bosses who are usually of a different race."This is what I mean when I say black people don't love themselves," Banner said. "Perming your hair is a clear example of 'black-on-black crime' and media control..."


My mind is screaming hypocrite! When I see videos composed of natural models or a natural woman on your arms, then I will be convinced of your sincerity, David! -you're still fine though, lol

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haha, you called him on his hypocrisy, but let him know he's still fine! and i agree with you =P

Yep, I totally agree with you. I don't recall ever seeing a natural-girled hair in any of his videos (natural-looking weave doesn't count!!!). Plus, I saw on another blog that he wears an S-curl! I appreciate the shout out to natural women, but come on buddy!

i totally agree, he is a hypocrite!!

Yeah, you're right; the brotha is fine. I feel the way you do. Who chooses these models in these videos though? I do know that some artists have a say in the direction that they'd like their video to go in. But sometimes it's the director's input and not so much the artist. But he should do a video with more natural women in them. Hmmm....honestly it's been awhile since I've seen David in a video by himself, he's always being featured in someone else's song. Maybe he'll shock us next time! lol

Doesn't this fool have a texturizer? Pot meet Kettle.

Not only does he not showcase natural women in his videos, but the women in his videos are two pieces of clothes away from being nude!!! So, he is feeding into the stereotype of black women representing sex symbols and glorifying the "career" of a video hoe/slut/slattern (whatever fits your style).

I honestly haven't watched a rap video since my freshman year of college, and I'm currently in grad school. Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against what he said, but who is he to point a finger at someone when he has more fingers pointing at him!!!

lol, UC ur too funny, i love it when you say hypocrite...because it is sooo true!!!

I think that he was wayyy too harsh. I dont perm my hair, but I understand why people do. It's not because they hate themselves. Maybe they dont know how to take care of natural hair. Maybe it's an issue of convenience. The job thing makes sense too. Plus he IS a hypocrite, so nothing he says holds water

I understand that more and more us is going back to being natural but who says those that choose to perm their hair are being controled by the media or is a form of "black-on-black" crime. That's silly to me. I chose to go natural but straighten my hair because that was my choice. I work in corporate America and a lot of my African American co-workers have natural hair.

I don't like when people just assume for a whole people. I went natural because it did wonders to my hair growth BUT I prefer my hair straightened.

Smh at David. Negro go sit down.

I totally agree with you! If we have to repaint the picture, he has to pick up a brush too.

I agree with ya...however u know the business and it is what it is..I give him props for letting "HIS" opinions out on the subject to college students.. Great Post UC!

David really knows what he's talking about. How many of us have been hypocritical of what we say vs what we do? I know I have. Furthermore, who knows where Mr Banner may go from here? All of his videos may feature women with clothes on and natural hair from this point on. And if he switches it up, like that, then how will you all feel?

I met Mr. Banner - he loves the kids and you can tell he's a good guy.

It is not possible to state that "all black women who perm their hair hate themselves, nor is it possible to state that "black women who wear their hair naturally all love themselves, or cant exhibit self hate" These are all blanket statements, both women from either categories to whatever to their hair for VARIOUS reasons, each reasoning is different from one woman to the next. Also, one person's hair issues are not automatically someone elses. People are going to continue to wear their hair the way they see fit, so the quicker we stop passing judgment on others the better, because in the end where does it get us?

Thank you for calling him out. I'm not a fan of this fool. He's an arrogant guy who loves the sound of his own voice.

I don't think this is a smart way to address the issue. We can't deny many black women perm their hair due to hate if not for self fully, for that particular part of themselves. My sister for one would fall out dead if she wasn't able to straighter her hair.

Yet it is also important to cover the facts, I know women that can't take care of their hair or truly looks better with it straight on them which wouldn't be an issue if not for the past connected yet there are women of all races in which the same statement can be made.

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