Do We Love it? DWoods Hair

DWoods at the Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation event last week in Atlanta.

6 Responses:

I like the fact that she's representing us natural females, but not like this. WTF! She needs to get it together, the hair, outfit, actually the whole shabang smells a hot mess!!! I'd advise her to get back back on Diddy's payroll...

It's not her hair that I don't's those hips in those pants...not a good look for her.

That hair is A HOTT mess geez!!!!

I actually like the hair...I think she's trying to work with it and see what she can do with her natural hair because I know she has been wearing weaves for the Longest! Go D Woods! Who knows she probably frequents Natural sites(like this!), like everyone else I know to get tips and pointers on how to work her Natural look. It looks like a wash and go...what's the big deal?

I Love it, and I'm glad to see someone rocking a natural look in the biz and not hiding their hair under a Lace Front Wig

I LOVE D Wood's hair!! It's flattering & I am happily & pleasantly suprised that someone in her age group & circle would choose to rock her natural. She looks beautiful!! I remember Beyonce' saying something about her hair being natural under the weaves & that she wished she could just rock it. I wish she would too; it would be a great example for little black girls.

We don't like her hair OR her style choices! LOL. Get it together D, we know you have it in you.

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