Do We Love It?

Tracee Ellis at The NAACP Image Awards

12 Responses:

The dress, No
The Pose, No
The hair, Cute

i love it all! that colour is stunning on her.

I just like the colour of her dress.

The dress is gorgeous and the color is amazing. I feel the hair was done in .5 min and messy like usual.

Anything dealing with Tracee is fine with me...she is one of my hair/style crushes, so I'm loving it all!!!

So I've been sitting here staring at this picture trying to figure out why I'm not feeling her hair because there's no reason why I shouldn't. I love the dress and the hair. At the same time her hair doesn't look effortless. I think the idea may have been to look glamorous-messy-bun-lemme-just-put-this-up-real-quick effortless, but I think it looks too worked on/teased.

Tracee can do no wrong in my book :]I love it

Tracee is my style icon!! She can do no wrong. That color is GAWWWGEOUS on her!!

tracee can do no wrong in my book. love her and her style.

I love everything, but I must say I wish she had some sort of supportting garment on i.e. a BRA which would have made the dress look even more flawless & flattering. She has an eclectic style that is really chill & down to earth which I think is cool.

okay i love miss ross but i have always had this peeve with her will someone please introduce her to a bra! I swear she never has one one, but i love the dress and hair

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