Do We Love It?

Alicia Keys at the 81st Academy Awards last night.
14 Responses:

I'm on the fence about the dress. It looked prettier on the screen than in pictures. But I don't like the makeup and hair. It looks like she was in Beyonce's wig stash.

Luv the color of the dress on her skin. But why the wig???

I like Alicia so much better when she's dressed womanly, but, ummmm No, Alicia looked like a sunburned white woman, and barely recognizable last night.

Love the dress...don't like the obviously fake hair.

Love the dress and the color. But Alicia's hair and make-up get two thumbs down. :(

I agree with everyone else's opinion. I love the dress, but the hair and makeup was overdone. She already has beautiful hair, why would she cover it with a wig? The makeup needed to be toned down, a little goes a long way.

I love her dress. The hair does not look good. She could of wore a elegant pin-up, or her hair curly.

I like her dress, not the hair though.

I love Alicia, period. She could walk out the house wearing Birkenstocks and a wal mart bag on her head and I would think she was fly. lol. :-)

But to kinda quote everyone else, I loved the dress. My fave color. The hair was a bit much but then again, i think she pulled it off.

I like the color of the dress but not the style/fit. And at first glance I thought it was a story about Eva Longoria! Anyone else see that resemblance or is it just me?

No. No we do not love it. Unless it's halloween and we are ok with looking nothing like ourselves. It's ok to play dress up, but that is a costume. Sorry Alicia!

Love the dress, hate the wig. I wonder what she was covering up.

love the colour of the dress, though i'm on the fence the design. but the hair? big no-no. i don't like it all. it's a good thing she has more hits than misses when it comes to hair.

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