Finger Detangling 101

"You use the term finger detangling often, what do you mean when you say finger detangle? Do you do this on wet or dry hair? Please help, my hair is
a tangled hot mess and I am frustrated to the max" -Senice

Finger Detangling is just a term that I use for detangling the hair with fingers instead of using combs or brushes. I started doing this last April and I've noticed big difference. For one, my curl pattern is more defined and also I experience way less breakage than I used to. I only finger detangle while my hair is wet and lathered with conditioner.

To do this I hold my hair under the force of the shower water. The force of the water helps ease the tangles out. With my fingers, I gently worked from the roots to ends working each tangle until the entire head is completed. I usually work in sections of 4, but I find that working with 2 sections is also just as easy to manage. After you're complete your hair should be ready to style as usual. No more extra time detangling! No more messing up your curl pattern with brushing! No more having to rewet your hair when styling!

In this picture, I have applied conditioner and sectioned in two parts.

I run my fingers from roots to end working out each tangle.

My hair completely detangled and ready for styling!

This was the only breakage I received. Less than an inch of hair or about the size of my wedding band. When I used to brush or comb, I would have wads of hair the size of my palm or or an bracelet.
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I finger detangle before I get back in the shower. The water pressure in my shower is really strong. I think the conditioner would practically be out of my head by the time I get to each section.

That looks easy enough. Although I am addicted to my Demnan, I may have to try this because I have way more hair than that left in the brush after I detangle. So that can't be a good thing.

You know, I really enjoy finger detangling, but I know of lots of ladies that have problems with knots and hair latching onto each other. I think detangling often has saved me these knots, but I think with the right technique, very little hair should be lost. I lose just about as much hair as shown in your post using a Rake Comb and Classic Denman.

same here, kurlyque. i fingercomb first, then put my head under the water again only to rinse out. it takes me a little while to get through the sections. not a lot, but enough where the conditioner might be rinsed out already and i wouldn't get any needed slip.

I guess it depends on the hair type because I have tight coils so my hair is very easily tangled and when I detangle with brushes like the Denman, I experience a lot more breakage than when finger detangling. But that is going to vary on the hair type, thickness, etc. Not to mention when you brush you take away from the natural pattern of the curls. But to each their own as long as you detangle!

I don't remember where I came across the finger combing method, but it helps a lot. The early part of my transitioning consisted of lots of coily, tangled mess on my head. This saved me from major shedding.

I usually use a very wide tooth comb in the shower after I add my conditioner, not much hair loss. I will try this finger detangling method the next time to see how much different the hair loss is.

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