Grammy After Party Hair

Tracee officially killed it. This is the best I've seen her look in a while and I must say, she got her grown women on with this look...Uber fab! Off to do a curly 'fro. I won't stop until I perfect it.

Hey Fatima! She's always so cute and eclectic...

The white liner must be the in thing right now! Keyshia look is so hot I just had to through her in for hell of it.

And those shoes...I'm saving!

Don't know if I like the makeup, but there is that white liner again. And I love the hair...I like to wear mine like this also.

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Tracee Ellis looks amazing as always!

Keyshia Cole is such a cutie, but never dresses to flatter her weird shape.

Eva is super gorgeous but the dress resembles a night gown =/

&& white eye liner was always "in", it's supposed to create the illusion of a wider, awake eye. It's always been Tyra Banks' favorite look =)

Tracee's Hair is ON FIRE! ohh I love love love it! If that's a Curly Fro, then I don't know what the hell I've been doing! hehe!

tracee looks so so fabulous!! i love everything about the look. i can't wait for my hair to grow out a little longer - hopefully by december i'll be rocking a haute curly fro just like that!

sidenote, why does eva look like she's wearing a satin bathrobe?

@ DNelly,

Tracee hair is proably a roller set, but I don't mess with roller sets because they never turn out right. But you can get a similar look with a curly 'fro also. The key is to leave about an 1 1/2"-2" untwisted and roll on medium to large flexi-rods. I almost have it...I just have to find my perfect product balance with this style.

Tracee looks fab, but she always does in my opinion! I also think Keyshia Cole is adorable!

Tracee Ellis Ross always looks so effortlessly chic. I;m jealous! I've been trying to do roller sets to get that curly fro look but I always end up with my hair looking like Drew Barrymore's at the Golden Globes when I take the rollers out. Hmmm.

Ms. Ross is Boss! Always stunning, always classy.

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