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Cute! Cute! Cute! Watch more of Ambrosia's videos

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ooooooooooooooooomg - love it much??? she is so cute! i actually wore my hair like that when it was shorter (shorter than hers). it's been braided up for the past few months hibernating for the winter but as soon as this nyc weather gets above freezing, i'm going back to my roots :)

Ha I just watched that video last night an I thought it was so cute too. I also thought the video was well put together and I liked the music.

That is cute! Looks like something I could try.

Very cute! Brosia is adorableness! I tried something like this with my hair today except I started from a roller set.

very cute, I do that style every once in awhile. For my hair to have a straighter look I have to bow dry then put in knots, it is a great style to create full fluffy, curly hair. Great video!

I like it! Sometimes I use click clacks instead of bobby pins.

I love this look. I've been rockin' the nubian knots for awhile now. Never thought about pinning up the sides though. The nice thing about this set is it's quick and I always have good results. I use Lottabody setting lotion to give my sets a lot of shine and bounce. However, it takes my knots 4eva to dry, so now I start off with 50% dry hair and leave the knots in overnight. Thanks for sharing this one!!!!

I've rocked this style a few times, and people always have great things to say about it. It looks great with hair that isn't too long. My hair is now too long, but back in the day I was rocking it hard.

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