How Do You Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate /rĭ-jū'və-nāt'/ To restore to an original or new condition (verb)

I made the drastic mistake of going to bed last night without prepping my hair. So this morning I woke up and took one look at my curls and wanted to scream because were a tangled mess. So I started rumbling through my cabinet of products trying to find the perfect solution that will breath life into this matted crop on my head. And trying to pick the perfect product became more of a task than I anticipated. See, I realized quickly, that even though many of the products claim to rejuvenate curls and I am sure they do-there are other factors to consider.

So as I inventoried the products trying to see which one I was going to try. I was able to eliminate many of them because I thought about my hair style. I am wearing a curly fro, so my curl pattern is temporarily altered to achieve this look. So, that eliminate water-based products like my spray bottle concoctions. Water based products will only destroy the curl pattern of the curly fro. But these are good if you're donning the Au natural look, wash and go, etc.

Then I moved on to the moisture-based products like Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In. Yeah, these are good but they too might mess with the curl pattern of the curly fro because they are heavy. But these work well on shingled styles, twist and braid outs.

I finally settled on an oil based product, Cantu's Natural Olive Oil . This was my first time using this ultra light oil and it delivered. It gave life to my three day old curly fro. So, whoooo hooo for one more day of rocking this style. So after feeling like Goldi-locks sampling the three bear porridge, I finally figured out that oils are the best rejuvenators for roller sets, curly fros, etc.

Do you have any rejuvenating tips?
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I was looking at this the other day. I may look into it. I typically use just EVOO, but it's nice to see it on the hair product shelf.

I just wanna say thanks! Your tips have helped me become the foxy chick I am today.

Weleda's Rosemary Oil

Thanks for this tip. I was looking for something my self since I wanted to revive my curls for the next day. I'm going to look into this product.

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