Jamie Foxx's Blame It Official Video

This video was more star studded than the Oscars, lol! I honestly was more star struck than anything. I kept yelling out names of the faces I saw in the video...too funny. But nonetheless, it hot and so is the CD. So if you haven't got it, go get it, please.
5 Responses:

You ain't neva lied! This video is full of stars!
And thanks for the heads-up! I'm in need of a new CD that's hot!

Man. Jamie runs deep. Do you remember when Terrance tried to clown Jamie's music on the downlow? Terrance where are you now?

Cute video...Jake is looking Magically Delicious!


Isn't Jake a cutie? His eyes are mesmerizing.

Yes! Jake is cute!! And Samuel L. Jackson was just TOO cool. lol!

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