Lexi's Flat Twist Out

You know, I've never done a flat twist out on my hair...never! I always do flat braid outs which yield similar results but is more crinkly than curly or wavy. But I thought the results were really cute. A must try! View more of Lexi's videos. She has super cute hair.
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for some reason i could never get regular twistouts to come out looking right, so i always do flat twist-outs. instead of going from front to back, though, i go from top of my head down towards my ears/nape. i've seen a couple of her videos and i still crack up at whoever is doing that to her dog, haha!

Perfeito! I love this video of the day! Her hair is very adorable! I am just dying to do this hairstyle! Thanks so very much for posting this!

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Can someone please post the steps of how to properly do a braid out. I'll forever be indebted :-)Thanks!!

Ooh fun...I will do it over the weekend and post for monday.

Hm...looks pretty easy...I shall attempt it! :D Well...next weekend when my self-portrait is finished...(Dang Life drawing class...)

Very nice video. I do use my flat iron to straight my curly hair.

Ok. So I tried this last night. It didn't work very well. I wouldn't recommend it for loose, type 3 hair. I'm sure with the heavy density of her hair, it set perfectly. For me, it gave frizz, even with a lot of product.

@Vermelha, I probably agee with you. Braidouts may not work too well on type 3A, 3B hair. However, it works well on 3c and beyond.

Thanks for the video. I do use hair straightener on my curly hair. I did purchase from www.hairstraightenersiron.com

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