M.A.C Hello Kitty Collection

My teen daughter is going to love this...and so will Hello Kitty Enthusiasts. Personally, I'm just excited about the promo shots. Nonetheless, Hello Kitty has partnered with M.A.C and is launching a line that set to debut this spring. The line will include eye shadows, lipsticks, my favorite lipglass among other items. Sounds interesting...you can read more about it on Clutch.
6 Responses:

Oh, I'm lovin' these shots! And I must admit that my grown self is still feelin' Hello Kitty.

this collection is looking so hot. i love the pink and black combo. and the model's fierce hair is a definite plus. gorgeous hair.

Not a fan of the shoots, but the product packaging looks great.

But yah, not a big fan of the shoots. Hello Kitty is very classic. The shoots don't really read "classic" but hey, it's MAC.

Love the packaging. Makes me wanna buy foundation from them again. I hope they have Hello Kitty compacts for Studio Fix.... THEN I'll shop there.

oooo kool stuff. I love MAC! and hello kitty is a great duo with MAC. thanks for the info UC

if this girl is the girl in photoshoots,then God bless the photoshop!

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