Mariah's Video Hair

Here are a couple of photos from the set of Mariah's new video featuring The Dream. She's rocking an old Alicia Keys/around the way look, so I sure this is going to be interesting...maybe not. I'm just not convinced, but whatever. Still love Mariah!
7 Responses:

I do not like how it looks on her AT ALL.

Ummm... I vote no. Hell no! I'm sorry, she is way too old to walk around looking like this. Alicia had this look when she was what 22? Mariah is 38! Come on now!

Interesting. That's all I can say. It's a completely different look for her, but her old school look wasn't so hot either. I always thought, I'd like to see her in darker shade hair. I wonder what that would do for her look. Her body's hot. Can't take that away from her, though.

I'm I just trippin or can I see her baby bump in these pics?

I loves Mariah, but she can be quite sometime-ish. She likes to act "down" only when it's convenient for her.

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