Meet The Pantene Relaxed & Natural Hair Models

Kimberly's look was created with the Pantene Fusion Collection which is a new collection that combines Pro-V technology with naturally derived ingredients such as Cassia for added strength and natural radiance Learn More

Rose's look was created with the Pantene Curls collection which is specially formulated with a Pro-V Complex - to control wayward strands and lock in moisture leaving curls healthy looking and defined. Learn more

I personally like Pantene's Relaxed and Natural line. I used the shampoo and conditioner for a long time prior to converting to my new favorite. I haven't tried the Curls collection yet, but must admit after watching the video, I am certainly considering giving these products a try. Any experience with the Curls collection? Click here to learn more about Kimberly and Rose as well as the relaxed models.
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Their hair is flawless! I've always been a little hesitant/suspicious about Pantene products but I like the idea of the Fusion Collection.

Is is it okay to use Pantene Pro V every week. I heard the wax they put in the shampoo and conditioner is damaging towards hair.

I was admiring their hair the other day, so beautiful. And the PR&N line is my staple. I've tried everything and nothing moisturizes MY hair better. Im experimenting with the pantene beautiful lengths line. I hope to achieve 'beautiful lengths.' lol

I used to use Relaxed and Naturals... but the SILICONE eventually dried my hair out. My hair sort of became "addicted" to the products. Does that make sense?
Now I use Blended Beauty and I will NEVER use anything else again.

their hair looks fab! but i don't see a video or any info about the models at the link you provided...? where should i be looking?

I never tried the products but their hair is pretty.

I'm personally would not use the line but I do want to know "why can't I find the curly headed beauties on the website? I see nothing but caucasian women.

Where is the video?



Try this link

Try this link

thanks for fixing the link. even though both girls and their hair are pretty, i kinda wish they had picked 2 naturals whose hair didn't look so similar.

Thank you for providing the link! Okay, I LOVE the natural ladies hair but I agree with Natakue, they could have had too different types of naturals...I also loved the one relaxed lady with the flip in the front, how cute was that?!?

I just bought this conditioner because all of my conditioners have protein in it and I was getting overload! I like it, it was good but I am still searching for something fab! :)

I used to use this product but I don't anymore because it contains petrolatum and the mineral
oil: two ingredients on the top of my hair don't list :(

I don't use the entire collection but I use the Relaxed and Natural moisturizing creme which works wonders especially in this dry winter weather. Plus, it smells fabulous. Pantene has always produced good over the counter products. Great alternative to salon only brands.

I peronally would not use the line because of all the chemicals in it that really isn't healthy for natural hair. I say use whatever you want if you feel it works best for your hair.

I love their hair! I have 4a hair, so do you think I could replicate this by using flexi rods? I was thinking about using blue ones 1/2 inch in diameter. Thanks!

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