Michelle Obama Covers Vogue's March Issue

I was super excited when I first heard the news but when I saw the cover, my response was just "oh". Michelle has so much pizazz and is so beautiful, so I was expecting something really glamorous and powerful. But I know that would have stirred some controversy, so I understand why they played it safe. What are your thoughts on this?
6 Responses:

I think she looks great. It's a very relaxed pose that speaks volumes of her accessibility and friendliness, and that fuschia is amazing against her skin tone. I love it. You're right, if Vogue would've done something risque...she never would have heard the end of it.

She's had far more beautiful candid snapshots. The setting also gives a "Home Decor" vibe. Not feeling it Vogue.

I like it. Then again, I like anything that has to do with Michelle. And I'm agreed with Chanel -- the color is amazing. It's the first thing I noticed.

She may have a laid-back look here, but I think the color is more than vibrant enough to reflect her image.

I think she looks gorgeous. I agree with Chanel and Miss Marche that the color is perfect for her. I think she looks really natural, not like she's trying to hard or trying to be someone else. I will definitely buy this issue!

does NOT do justice to her beauty, swagger or chic... i did see the pictures inside, tho, and they were gorgeous!

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