Tip O' The Day: Collars Are Not Our Friend

I found this out last year, but I really wanted to put it to the test to see if there was any validity the belief that your shirt collar breaks your hair off. It sounds a little ridiculous, right? So this winter, I decided to wear my hair down almost everyday. I skipped on the protective styles because that can be get a little boring sometimes. I like the pizzazz of my curls. But since it's winter, I've taken EXTRA steps to keep my hair moisturized. And so far, it has worked, well somewhat, except for the bottom of my hair-yeah, the part that rubs on my scarf, sweaters and shirts. No matter what I do or how much moisturizer I add to it, by the end of the day it is dry and frizzy.

The dryness and frizziness at the ends will only lead to breakage if not avoided. So if you're trying to grow your hair...pay SPECIAL attention to this area. Also opt for styles that involve pulling the hair up and away-like Janelle Monet syle buns (my favorite), updos, or lose ponytails (at least through these winter months). Happy Growing!
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