UnbeWeavable! Weave Saves A Life

Actually, I really tried hard not to laugh at this because it's actually a very serious thing, but...you be the judge. This Kansas woman's weave saved her life after she was shot by her ex-boyfriend. The weave apparently stopped the bullet from penetrating into her head. The 20-year old stated she has put a lot of money into her weave. *sideye. However, thank goodness she suffered no other injuries and is alive to this story. All the best to her.

7 Responses:

Wrong on so many levels! She is thanking her weave. Why does she have a boyfriend that tried to kill her in the first place? What ever happened to thanking God?

honestly, i want to be mad at this whole situation, but i think it's actually pretty incredible that a weave saved her life. she almost has me considering getting one for the first time in my life...

@ Naturally Sophia
I agree that was purely God that saved her.

This is the fourth woman that I am hearing about getting shot at by the ex boyfriend...

Um wow, don't know what to say, just hope she doesn't go back to that man.

LOL! I also gave her a side eye when she mentioned how much money she put into her weaves.

Hopefully, she stays clear of the ex and files a restraining order.

Well, this is the first and probably last time I will ever say, thank God for the weave. At least she's alive and unharmed, thank goodness. Whatever she paid for that weave *additional side-eye* I guess it was worth every penny!!

I went to the Tyra show last week and she was one of the guests. Her story is quite amazing.

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