Usher's Wife Reportedly Seriously Ill

According to Access Hollywood, Usher's wife Tameka Foster Raymond has suffered a serious injury due to complications from plastic surgery in Brazil. My thoughts and prayers are with the Raymond family. *Updates from Sandra indicates that Tameka is recovering fine.

However, just the thought of this touched me for many reasons. Not just for the obvious, her children, her spouse, her family-but for all women including myself that get caught up in the media's perception of beauty and the extent we will go to reach that "ideal" look. I can certainly relate to desiring to be beautiful not only to yourself, but to the world. But at what price?

I was just watching TV over the weekend and heard how badly the tabloids have ripped Jessica Simpson for being a size 8. A size 8 people! Some tabloids have called her fat and referred to her pants as "fat pants". Some are even reporting that she has a battle with weight. Since when did a size 8 become fat?

You see these are the types of remarks that make women go over the deep end and begin to take desperate measures to loose weight. I'm sure the next time we see Jessica, she will be small again. Remember what happened to Brittany at the MTV awards a year or so ago? Look at her now and she's a size two. When will it stop?

I know -Never, but I just wish more women, especially those of influence will stop caving into the media's unrealistic perception of beauty. Being a size two does not mean you're healthy. Instead we should strive to be healthy and at whatever weight that falls into-that's it...

I'm sure my rant won't solve this problem but I hope that it will touch those of us who are unhappy with our weight. I hope that you will learn that you can be healthy and beautiful without taking drastic measures that can potentially end your life. I'm sure your family and loved ones will rather have you overweight than not at all. So my advice to all, eat right, exercise consistently, and love yourself. You will get there-all you need is patience. I'm done...
2 Responses:

I don't understand why she had surgery she looked fine to me considering she just ahd another child. Hope she gets well soon.

That was a dumb move. I wish women would learn to love themselves more, instead of spending billions of dollars to become someone their not.

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